VERUTHE ORU BHARYA veruthe aayilla..(a detailed study) PART-2

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"Veruthe oru bharya" Jayaraminte Thiruchuvaravaano?????

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VERUTHE ORU BHARYA veruthe aayilla..(a detailed study) PART-2

Post by njaan on Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:08 pm


The script is tailor-made for Jayaram and is a perfect comeback vehicle for the hero of the families.The movie has proved good for Jayaram who hasn’t seen a single hit after Manassinakkare of 2004 (that too because of Sathyan Anthikkaadu,Ilayaraja,Renjan Pramod and obviously Sheela).The climax scenes, but reminds us of Mohanlal’s performance in Sadayam and Pavithram.the last movie of Gopika can be considered her best one, as even though she was a part of many super hits she didn’t get a chance to come out of the huge shadow of her hero(remember mayavi,chanthupottu and all other star movies of Gopika).She didn’t get any meaningful characters or strong dialogues in those mega projects.There is an argument that she is inappropriate for acting as the mother of a 9th std girl.But the script itself is giving an excuse for that, citing that she was married off at the age of 18.Assaid in the first part,the best actor of the movie is Niveda(she was seen a child artist in many Tamil-dubbed serials of Surya TV including my dear bhootham and Jancy).In fact,she is given more scenes and dialogues than Gopika in the movie.Her character is the one which keeps the story going forward.Also,I think she has done the dubbing herself(if not,somebody please clarify).Innocent is good in many scenes,but is seen simply overacting(was it a mistake of the director??) in a scene where he is talking to somebody regarding the catering arrangements for his son’s marriage.Suraj is the one getting much applause as he has completely abandoned overacting and fits aptly into the role of a KSEB lineman,making wits and jokes out of simple incidents and situations.Another surprise of the movie is Shivaji Guruvayoor(the unforgettable sakhaavu Karunan of Arabikkadha),who is shown much young and wielding a comic character.The only miscast in the movie was Jaffer Idukki,who is always proving that he is not at all any good for movies,but only for stage mimics.He has done overacting to his maximum capacity, thereby obstructing the flow of the story somewhat.


The direction is almost flawless except in some scenes like the one in which Anju escapes from the attackers. There is not even a single unwanted scene. The script is the best work of Gireeshkumar, withsimple and natural dialogues which mention special attention. There are some rotten mangoes, but can be forgiven. The camera is handled by Shaji (who is a leading one in Malayalam industry with an experience of most of the Vinayan films and with the last 3-4 Anil Babu films. His recent hit was Cycle) with ease. The advantage of light and shade is made much use in many scenes, especially in the title song Omkaram. There are no wild angles or frames and that give the viewers a feel of being in the scene. Master editor Renjan Abraham has done class work in keeping the flow of the film. The editor’s strong presence is seen in the tension-filled climax scenes where Sugunan is seeing his enemies in Bindu and his friends. The makeup, costumes and art direction are simply good for such a simple film.


The music side is a great plus to the movie.Vayalar Sarath’s lyrics are of good standard.The music director Shyam Dharman, whom we loved for the albums Chembakame and Kumkumam, has done really great work (his first movie was the Saiju kurup starrer super flop Jubilee). The
master song in the movie is ‘manjil kulikkum” sung by Shyam Dharman himself, whose voice is the best suitable one for Jayaram till date.The visualization of the song with Jayaram enacting all thesuper heroes make the audience roar with laugh and is still a super hit in all the music channels.The title track “Omkaram shankhil” by Unnimenon is also a good and hummable one.The other songs are passable.


The film fails miserably in the re-recordingand the DTS side.There are many scenes in which one find it difficult to understand what the characters are saying.Alsoon the DTS side,there are a lot of flaws(some new DTS mixing technician has done it,I believe).The most noticeable one is the scene in which Bindu is seencoming out from Anju’s school.The voice of the school band group playing outside in the ground is heard in the background.The sound is heard simply fromthe opposite side of the source!Then in the next shot where Bindu and the music players are shown in single frame, the sound jumps back all of sudden to thereal side,creating a big jerk in sound continuity.Even a school-going child can smell something rotten in the sound side on watching that scene.That is something which is really unpardonable.


Altogether,Veruthe oru Bharya can be given a
vedict as a clean family entertainer.It has all the family ingredients like sentiments,drama,comedy,romance,songs and everything incorporated into it.It is a balanced mix of everything,and most importantly,picturised in a decent manner.Akku Akbar can be considered the next-gen Sathyan Anthikkad in the making.Let this movie be the first among his chain of family movies.


Please give your valuable feedback to my study,which is an attempt for the first time in any of these sites.Your response will make me decide whether I should continue writing or quit.

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Re: VERUTHE ORU BHARYA veruthe aayilla..(a detailed study) PART-2

Post by dreamboy on Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:59 pm

Great effort njaan.....Thanks a lot

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